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New Strength, New Energy

​​Evelyn’s physician knew she needed extra help when she was facing two surgeries for knee replacements. She was referred to the Wolf Creek Primary Care Network Dietitian and then on to the Exercise Specialist. With the support and guidance of these two people, Evelyn lost over 10% of her body weight and subsequently underwent successful surgeries.

When Evelyn went to see Heather Mielke, the Wolf Creek PCN Exercise Specialist, she found a friendly, helpful, non-judgemental professional who designed a program specifically for Evelyn’s needs.

“I had been doing aquacize but wished to expand my activity level,” Evelyn said.

Evelyn met with Heather in a group class where she learnt how to properly use gym equipment. The exercises designed for Evelyn helped her increase her strength to better manage stairs. She also increased strength in her hands and fingers. Now even when Evelyn is watching TV, she can work on her health by doing finger strengthening exercises.

Since meeting with the Exercise Specialist, Evelyn has made going to the gym part of her regular routine and she is more energetic.

“I tackled spring cleaning and painting with fervor this year,” she said.