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Diabetes Education

​Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management 

What is Chronic Disease Management?

Chronic Disease Management provides patients with the opportunity to work with a team of healthcare professionals. This is the best way to help you with lifestyle, self-management, and health care services that are designed to improve your overall health. 

Our clinical staff members (Registered Nurses, Footcare Nurses, Dietitians) have all the tools and knowledge to help you manage your chronic disease. Examples of chronic diseases are: diabetes, obesity, smoking cessation, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These conditions can worsen if not managed correctly. By staying active, eating healthy, and following medical instructions, your chronic disease can be maintained. 

What will the Primary Care Network do for you? 

We provide diabetes education from Registered Nurses in Lacombe, Ponoka, Rimbey, and Sylvan Lake. These Chronic Disease Management Nurses will:

  • Provide you with information about your illness.

  • Develop strategies to deal with disease management.

  • Provide ongoing support.

  • Help you monitor your health.

  • Meet with you regularly as needed to help you best determine how to manage your health.

With specialized training in diabetes education, insulin starts and adjustments, our Nurses provide advice about drug interactions and lifestyle factors influencing diabetes. 

Who is on your Chronic Disease Management Team? 

Lacombe: Lesley is the Chronic Disease Management Nurse for Lacombe. Lesley operates out of the Medcombe Walk-In Clinic Monday to Friday 9am-4:30pm. April is our Foot Care Nurse and Abby is our dietitian who both also operate out of Medcombe. Call 403-782-1408 for more information.

Ponoka: Wendi is our Chronic Disease Management Nurse at Ponoka Family Health Clinic. She is currently developing a diabetes package that will help patients manage their disease. She works Monday to Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm. Lori is our dietitian and Shelley handles Foot Care. Call 403-783-5305 for more information.

Rimbey: Brenda and Laurie are the Registered Nurses in Rimbey that help you manage your chronic disease. Working out of Rimbey Medical Clinic, they are available to help throughout the week. Kristy is the dietitian. Phone 403-843-2256 for more information.

Sylvan Lake: At SR Fugler, Leigh is the Family Nurse. Call 403-887-4418. Sylvan Family Health Clinic offers Barb's services as the Family Nurse and you can call 403-887-2224. Sylvan Medical Clinic offers Paddy's services for Chronic Disease Management . Call 403-887-2221 for more information from Sylvan Medical.


At the Wolf Creek Primary Care Network, we believe that each and every health professional is making an impact in the well being of our patient's lives.