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Exercise Programs and Classes

COVID-19 safety precautions have been taken for all of our resuming exercise programs. Please speak to an Exercise Specialist if you have any concerns and for details on what precautions have been taken for the specific exercise program you are interested in.


Supervised Exercise Program (Penhold)

Are you interested in exercising in a gym but aren't quite sure what to do or how to use the equipment? Do you have a chronic health condition (e.g. high blood pressure) that you want to improve through lifestyle changes such as exercise? Do you want to prevent the onset of chronic health conditions and stay fit and healthy as you age? This program may be for you!

The supervised exercise program runs out of the Penhold Fitness Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-11:00am. An Exercise Specialist will provide you with an individualized exercise program and teach you how to perform it safely in a gym setting. As you gain confidence in doing your exercise program you will become more independent and able to exercise in the gym with less supervision. The Exercise Specialist will continue to work with you over time by progressing and updating your exercise program while continuing to supervise you in the gym to a lesser extent. The goal of this program is to improve your health and fitness while helping you become comfortable exercising independently. The supervised exercise program is run in partnership with the Penhold Fitness Centre. The only cost of the program is the cost of membership to the gym - $20/month for those aged 55+. Please call Brad at 403-227-3356 ext 2125 if you are interested or for more information.