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Healthy Aging Program

The Healthy Aging Program is in place to support Older Adults and their loved ones through the aging journey. Our Geriatric Nurse conducts a comprehensive assessment allowing for an individualized and patient-centered care plan to assist in immediate and ongoing care needs. We specialize in the many factors that affect an individual's overall health and well-being as they age.

What can you expect?

  • Emphasis on person-centred care

  • Support for family and caregivers

  • Thorough evaluation of existing medical, functional, and social needs of the individual

  • Connection to community services to maximize overall health and well-being, and support individuals in staying at home longer

Your physician may refer you to the specialty nurse for an assessment or you may request an assessment by calling one of the clinics listed below:

  • Innisfail Medical Clinic: 403-227-3365

  • Innisfail Associate Clinic: 403-227-3301

  • Medcombe Walk-in Clinic (Lacombe): 403-782-1408

  • Lacombe Main Street Medical Services: 403-782-6717

  • Lacombe Family Medical Associates Clinic: 403-782-3351

The Healthy Aging Program is currently being conducted over the phone and/or virtually.