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​A woman's body changes during menopause, in response to fluctuating hormone levels. You can't control these changes, and many you won't even be aware of.

Some changes you will be unable to ignore because your body sends you "postcards" in the form of insomnia, heavy bleeding, or irritability. Other times, you receive a "hot news flash" (literally).

The Wolf Creek Primary Care Network offers  topic classes to provide information about the logic behind the changes you are experiencing, from the perspective of your cells and tissues. They are only following orders, written in the chemical language of the hormones.

Use this information to make informed decisions about the wide range of therapies available to you as you adjust to your changing body. There's no turning back, so you might as well be comfortable during "the change".

DEXA and Bone Density will outline why it's important to keep track of "silent" changes to your skeleton.

Cardiovascular Risk Factors need to be considered during this transitional time. Women are somewhat protected from heart problems prior to menopause, but their risk is elevated after hormone levels adjust. Find out what you need to know to manage your risk.

Adrenals and Stress may open your eyes to the importance of two small pieces of tissue perched on top of your kidneys.

Hot Flashes: Chemical Postcards with an Interesting Message will untangle the discomfort they cause in your body -vs- the purpose they serve.

Mental Clarity Changes will explain why you have every reason to question your sanity at this time.

This course is currently being offered in Ponoka.  If you are interested in attending, please contact your local physician's office and ask to speak to a PCN Nurse.