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Moving on with Persistent Pain

Moving on with Persistent Pain is a SIMPLE, POSITIVE, and EMPOWERING group program. It is for those who want to have an opportunity for a healthy learning process to manage their pain. Moving on with Persistent Pain moves people to ACTION. The program teaches low tech and low cost skills that should be accessible to everyone. Participants receive a journal that engages them to use the skills they learn in class throughout the week and after the program is finished.

Moving on with Persistent Pain is FREE except for a small cost for a paper version of the participant journal. A free PDF journal is available if you prefer having an electronic copy.

Upcoming dates and times:

Wolf Creek PCN and Red Deer PCN will be working together to facilitate this program beginning January 2021. Please call Red Deer PCN at 403-343-9100 to register.

Upcoming classes:

Wednesdays from 1:00-300pm starting May 5, 2021.

Who should attend?

Moving on with Persistent Pain is for anyone who:

  • Has pain that has persisted longer than three months

  • Wants to focus on their life rather than their pain

  • Wants to learn skills to better manage their pain

  • Wants to improve their overall quality of life

Moving on with Persistent Pain is for adults (18+).

Program format: 

The course is 8 weeks long consisting of one 2-hour class each week.

Training includes: pacing your daily activities to improve your stamina and energy while preventing flare ups; explore the mind-body connection through engaging activities; challenge yourself to change lifestyle factors that impact your pain. 

Topics include exercise, nutrition, sleep, managing grief and stress, relaxation skills, medication, and coping strategies.

How do you get into the program?

  • You can self-refer by calling Red Deer PCN at 403-343-9100 to register.

  • You can obtain a referral from your Wolf Creek PCN family doctor, nurse, mental health counsellor, exercise specialist, or registered dietitian. Once you have a referral you can register by the using the above methods or by emailing with which program your referral is for.

Your commitment:

Attend the 2 hour group weekly and practice skills daily to reach your goals. 

Be open-minded and willing to consider trying new activities or techniques.

Past participant quotes: 

"For someone like myself, it was comforting that there was actually some place that was actually recognizing chronic pain for what it is and trying to address it and trying to get feedback from those who are walking that path."

"I am able to deal with pain much better. I am aware of my limits and understand what medication I can use and when to use them".

"I am thinking about new ways to do things and I have hope again."