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Relationships in Motion

Upcoming dates and times:

Relationships in Motion:

Begins October 20, 2020. Classes held on Tuesdays from 1:00-3:00pm.

Location: Zoom Virtual Platform.

Click HERE to register online now!

Program format:

The course is 8 weeks long consisting of one 2-hour session each week.

Learn relationship skills and strategies through education, new experiences, and new perspectives. 

Learn skills to increase communication, understand yourself and the other person better, focus on the positive, assertiveness, and manage conflict and emotions. 

How do you get into the program?

  • If there is an upcoming class scheduled you can register online using the links at the top of this page under "Upcoming dates and times". You do not need a referral to register in this program.

  • You can self-refer by calling 587-876-2657 and speaking with Rebecca. When you self-refer consider having a friend register with you as this can provide support for positive change.

  • You can obtain a referral from your Wolf Creek PCN family doctor, nurse, mental health counsellor, exercise specialist, or registered dietitian. Once you have a referral you can register by the using the above methods or by emailing with which program your referral is for.

Your commitment:

To be open minded and willing to look at your role in your relationships.  We can't change others - only ourselves.  

Attend the 2-hour group weekly and practice skills daily to reach your goals. 

Where is the Program located?

Zoom Virtual Platform.

Past participant quotes on what changed as a result of taking the program: 

"I've gained skills for communicating, some new relationships with group members, and some purpose moving ahead."

"More mindful and aware."